Whether you have read the book, are halfway through the book, or have just been recommended the book, the real value of The Act Of Attraction is in ‘doing the work’.

Whilst there are activities provided in the book to enable you to fully implement the content, there is no doubt that those who choose to join the online programme Twelve Steps To Traction achieve more and faster.

When you join the online programme, you will gain:

  • CLARITY on where you are going and create a VISION for the business that leverages both ‘what’ you want and, importantly, ‘why’, so that you are motivated to take action!
  • CERTAINTY that you will get there by developing a ‘positive’ MINDSET, so that you are conditioned internally for the specific success you want to create – and it’s about more than ‘positive thinking’!
  • CONGRUENCY in the way you act and adopt new BEHAVIOUR that reflects who you are when you have the success you want, so that your reputation draws the right people and opportunities to you NOW!
  • CONFIDENCE about what you need to do by documenting a PLAN of action which defines what’s to be done, when and by whom, with accountability measures, so that it literally drives your activity to make it happen!

Join The Online Programme and do the work with the support of Tamsen and the AOA community