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I’ve studied The Law of Attraction and I’ve studied for an MBA – both have missing elements. This book clearly and logically demonstrates how to combine practical business stuff with a deeper understanding of how our minds work to create a significant increase in performance. There’s no fluffy stuff here. This is real, practical and usable material written in a detailed, yet highly accessible way. A landmark book has just been launched!

Tim Johnson, MBA

This book takes you on a journey and leads you through a process where you can create the business you truly want. If you approach it with an open mind and complete the activities, you will not be disappointed. I wish I’d had this book when I started my business years ago!

Julie Owen

Tamsen uses her unique approach and talents to provide business people with a tool to create inspiring and unified business and personal goals. This is remarkable in itself, because these are traditionally difficult (and therefore avoided) necessities for anyone who wants to grow a successful business whilst enjoying the journey. This book is a ‘must read’ for any business owner who wants to save time,

energy, money and all too frequently, their sanity, en route to success.

Gill Bray

Tamsen has been living, delivering and perfecting The Act Of Attraction, sharing it’s principles with many, many businesses before ever putting fingers to keys to write this book. The result is a well tested, practical manual for getting results – with less stress, less wasted effort and more enjoyment. Having read and not finished some of the most well respected business books of all time I found the fundamental difference in The Act Of Attraction is that the process moulds around you, there’s no rigid dogma to adhere to. The result for me? A stress free launch of a new venture, where I know exactly what I need to do and I’m motivated to do it, because I’m fully focussed on the result.

Ali Hollands

The Act Of Attraction takes a pragmatic approach to an age old law – “what you think about you attract”. Tamsen demonstrates the power of the mind and how easy it is to make your goals a reality. She teaches you how to take charge, how to clarify what you want and what you need to do to make it happen. It isn’t enough to sit cross-legged on a Yoga pillow and think about your goals … you actually have to get up and focus on exactly the right actions to get the results you want.  Although this book is written for the business context it can be equally applied to any area of your life. This book teaches you the HOW which makes it very different to many of the WHAT books out there. It is a must read if you’re willing to do the work.

Elvira Villarini

This is a rather clever book.  It is clearly aimed at the independent-minded businessperson, probably someone who has heard of the Law of Attraction (and the associated noise around books like best-seller, The Secret).  What is clever is that this is a serious book for people who wish to explore how to deliberately create the business that they want to run.  Just when you think the book might start to get too fluffy and ‘woo-woo’, it supplies some solid theory and a practical yet results-oriented exercises to keep you ‘on track’.  As with these types of exercise the devil is in the detail as well as you taking the necessary actions to achieve the required results.

Tamsen’s is a personal book, using personal stories and situations.  You know that she wrote it herself.  Tamsen writes about deliberately designing and planning your future – there is a clear four-step process (vision, mindset, behaviour, plan).  She has taken the same principles in deliberately designing this book, a book that will appeal to anyone looking to get structure and focus into the way they think about and plan their business future.

Robert Craven

Reading this book was a real turning point in my business. Since reading the book, I have implemented the advice and in just three months, I have built a professional practice that provides both the income and the credibility I wanted. Most importantly, it has given me the tools to apply time and time again to achieve my future business goals. I recommend this book to anyone who has the desire to build their business regardless of where it is now.

Gary Johannes

Having always been one to reflect on ‘what’ I am doing, this book has revealed to me the importance of ‘why’ in the pursuit of success.  This book talks to you, it reads your mind and senses your internal questioning, promptly coming up with the answer. Insightful, practical and quite remarkable.

Nick Hutt

The Act Of Attraction is an essential read for anyone who wants to take charge of their own business success, rather than just going where life or business happens to take them. It is a practical book that guides you through a process instead of providing lots of airy fairy ideas.

Callie Willows

Since ‘The Secret’ much has been said of The Law of Attraction. This book provides a much needed reality check as it explains why in addition to focusing on our desires, we also need to take action to achieve them and it provides us with a set of tools to enable us to do so. Plus it’s a damn good read!

Chris Hornby

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